Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Second Progress Report

Time to check in with progress...

Backwards sucks.  I got through 2000, still have 1999 and 1998 to go.  It is really hard to tell whether I'm on track to have the things that should be in 2 page layouts in 2 page layouts.  Spent way too much time working that out on Saturday at Valerie's house.

I do have all the patterned paper pulled out for the scrapbook.  I'll need to make a run to the local scrapbook shop to fill in the solids as photo backers.  Black is always good, and I'll make sure I'm well stocked on colors that go with the CM "Delight" pack.  (In the fiber world, we'd call that a colorway.)

Chair Seat:
No icing (see the last status report).  More of the background worked on at Jane's.  More background to go, and I'll need to cut more wool tomorrow.  Then more background and more background.

Fewer appointments, less knitting done.  The hoodie is just over 1/2 done, so still I feel like I've made good progress.

Bee Welcome Applique:
Did the bees.  I misread the directions, and instead if attaching the bees to the background with buttonhole stitch, I just went  around the outside of the bees, like I did for the flower.  So I had to whip stitch the bees on after they were assembled; not the smartest thing I've done all month, but they look fine.  Monks cording is done, so now I have the pieces to attach to the backing and the hangers to stitch and assemble, and it will be finito!

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