Monday, November 11, 2013

It's That Time Again...

Ah, the sweet smell of blog reboots.  I've started and stopped this blog a bit over the past few years.  In fact, my last entry was about three years ago.  That's much longer than I intended.

I've checked the links and gotten rid of the things that don't work at all.  The ravelry link doesn't take you to my projects but it does take you to the site's login page.  I'll fix that later.  I'll count that as a basic safety check of the old jalopy.

I've had some ideas over the past few years about what to do with this blog, most of them much too grandiose to really ever come to be.  But a couple of them may be worth pursuing.

Cook Like a Kid:  Kids cookbooks concentrate on simple preparation, few ingredients, and short attention spans.  This sounds like a perfect match for me when I come home from work, so I think I will try it.  I've got a couple neat kids cookbooks:  Emeril, Williams-Sonoma, Betty Crocker are the three that come to mind.  I'll pick a recipe, make it, and write about how it came out, and whether it really is a good one for the harried mom.

Project Status  Really just a continuation of where I left of in 2010, but I'll be more diligent about keeping things up.

Other ideas will come up, I'm sure, but I'll concentrate on regularly posting on those two topics for now.  First will be figuring out the ground rules for "Cook Like a Kid".