Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Balance, Sort Of

So I'm looking at the last post, thinking that 8 or 9 months between posts is really too long.

Means I'm out of balance, yes? Yup.

But in this time I finished my 2008 photo album and have sorted out 2001 so I can get it all down in the album, and write a bit about what was happening then. I have a little notebook where I wrote things down; I stopped writing in it around 2002, but I did put a lot of stuff in there from before.

I finisthed a lace knitted shawl, you can see it in my Ravelry project list, and get there from my "Blog with Me" links.

I started a nice little "Bee Welcome" sign from Bird Brain Designs, felted wool and embroidery.

And found time to camp with our scouts, do school projects with Jessi, work and just hang out.

Not a lot of balance, I guess, at least not in that quiet Zen way of thinking. But definitely a lot of fun.