Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Typing With a Cat on my Lap

I have this cat, see? His name is Splot.

He gets back at me for the name, though. He jumps into my lap while I'm trying to write a new blog post. This is not a small thing, Splot tops 16 pounds when he is in trim. During the holidays, when we all put on a little extra weight, well, he tops 17 pounds.

This is altogether not the kind of balancing act that I had in mind when I started this blog. But you take what you can get for inspiration I'm trying to type one-handed while holding a sleeping (make that snoring) cat on my lap. One handed because Splot overflows my lap and needs an extra arm to keep him from sliding off.

So what does this say about real life? Not much really. I could draw parallels about needy friends-and-relations taking too much of your energy, or needy bosses who take advantage, but neither of those groups purr quite as well as Splot. So maybe I just type one-handed and take a few breaks to pet a cat that is as devoted as a dog, and say that the real lesson is to take some time with those who value you.

Nuff said.