Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Bit Done

Ah, the sweet feeling of done-ness.

The scrapbook weekend was a qualified success.  I got a lot done, but nowhere near as much as I'd hoped.  Because the week leading up to the retreat was hectic, as all weeks are when you take a Friday off, my photos weren't fully sorted out.  In fact, only 2000 was really in good shape.

Most of Friday was spent getting 1998 and 1999 into good enough shape to start laying out pages.  Even that got pretty dicey; I ran out of layout guides and had to resort to the "this bunch of pictures will probably fit on a 2 page spread" method of using the guides.  It makes for much slower work after the sorting.

But by Sunday night, all of 1998 and part of 1999 was in the photo album.  The remaining photos for 1999 are mostly sorted, so finalizing the layouts and getting the pages done shouldn't be too painful when I can get to it next.

The real success story is this:  the Bee Welcome door hanger from Bird Brain Designs is done!  It has been inching closer and closer to that blessed state since I got back from the scrapbook weekend.  Last Sunday, I sat down and spent a couple hours stitching the top and bottom blue pieces onto the green backing wool.  Just last night I cut them out.  It was so close to done I said phooey on paying the bills, did the hangar pieces, and attached the top hanger and the two little bits that attach the top and bottom together.  TA DA!

And one last bit on the Pow! scarf:  it is up to 57 inches.  In another 23 inches (or thereabouts) I get to make the second pocket.  Once that is done, there is only some stitching up to do and I have my scarf.

Progress is sweet.