Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Driveway Musing, Finale

As I read my comics yesterday morning and my husband played the video featured in Astronomy Picture of the Day, the whine of a diamond saw joined the morning soundtrack.  The last cuts to put some curves on the driveway were underway.  As I left the workmen had the portland cement for the last of the edging down.  

After all the edge pavers were in, they spread sand over the whole installation.  One of the crew took a snow shovel and distributed the sand in an even arc, then used the back side of a push broom to spread it in all the cracks.  Once all the driveway was done, the vibrator came out to settle pavers and sand into their final positions.  My husband informs me that the yard was enveloped in a blonde fog while the vibrating machine was on.

A little bit after that, the doorbell rang, and they were done.  By the time I came home, all the random I's had been dotted, the edging stones were in place, and the joins where the pavers met existing walls and steps were totally filled in.  We had our driveway, mission accomplished.

Today the Estella, the foreman, came by to do a final inspection.  She found a spot where the new driveway isn't completely flush with an existing concrete slab on our neighbor's property, and promised the crew would be by tomorrow to fix them.  The difference is minimal, only about 1/2", but she called it a tripping hazard and needs to be fixed.  That detail notwithstanding, we are thrilled with how the driveway and patio look, and amazed at how fast the change was accomplished.  No question about it, everything went well.

If I had to do anything differently, it would be to coordinate the driveway installation with any needed sprinkler rework better.  Until we had the design in hand we didn't even think there was any rework necessary.  Since we widened our driveway a bit, a portion of the old sprinklers needed to be capped off before the old driveway could be completely torn out.  The System Paver crew did that just fine.  Once the driveway is complete is the best time to have the next crew in to complete the sprinkler work.  Trying to interleave the work just annoys everyone; I wouldn't recommend trying it.

Our barbecue is back on the patio, as is the outdoor dining set.  The planters will be put back bit by bit.  Some of the plants need repotting and trimming before we place them as artistically as we are able around the patio.  Our cat also has approved the work, and spent some of the morning lounging majestically on the patio.

Until next time!

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